Embassy Takeover In Tehran.

And thanks to new flights across both the Atlantic and Pacific, international traffic at SJC jumped more than 68 percent during that period. International travelers at SJC are finding their lives a little easier thanks to recent improvements that help them to speed through passenger processing. Many domestic travelers rely on TSAs PreCheck program to move through security screening more quickly, but now some international travelers at San Jose can also take advantage of that benefit: Lufthansa which began San Jose-Frankfurt flights last summer recently became the first European airline to begin participation in PreCheck. International travelers at SJC can now download Customs and Border Protections free Mobile Passport Control app on their phones or tablets and use it to submit their passport data and Customs declaration form to CBP. A coded electronic receipt shown to the CBP officer lets them move quickly through southwest flights to mexico the arrivals process. And the airport also offers CBPs Global Entry kiosks for international arrivals who belong to that trusted traveler program, allowing them to bypass lines. Also available at SJC are Automated Passport Control kiosks where arriving travelers can submit their entry information. No need to fill out paper customs and immigration forms when you have the new Mobile Passport Control app And more enhancements are on the way. This spring, the airport is expected to finish a renovation of its International Arrivals Building that will add 5,600 square feet along with a second baggage carousel and an enclosed waiting area.

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to a group with a controversial history that has gone against American interests in the past by supporting Iran's Islamic Revolution and the U.S. Embassy takeover in Tehran. After fleeing Iran, the MEK joined forces with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. It later exposed details of the clandestine nuclear program run by Iran, which views the MEK as its sworn enemy. "The Mujahedeen have backed the winning horse. They are going to have some at least entree into the administration," said Ervand Abrahamian, a professor at the City University of New York who wrote a book on the MEK. "I think it weakens the U.S. because the more they have access to the administration, the more people in Iran are going to be scared of anything the U.S. does." ___ "THE AYATOLLAH MUST GO" The MEK long has cultivated a roster of former U.S. and European officials to attend its events opposing Iran's clerically-run government.