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That is a worry. Various furores in the 1990s and afterwards over the working conditions of people making goods for firms such as Nike, Walmart and Primark badly damaged brands. The clothing industry cannot afford to appear so ugly again. One obvious way in which firms can answer environmental concerns is to use renewable energy to power their facilities. Beyond that, they can cut back sharply on water and chemical use; and they can develop new materials and manufacturing processes that reduce inputs. The record in this regard is mixed. H&M was the largest buyer in the world of better cotton last yearthat is, cotton produced under a scheme to eliminate the nastiest pesticides and encourage strict water management. It grows in 24 countries and represents about 12% of the 25m tonnes of cotton produced each year globally. Kirsten Brodde of Greenpeace also notes that H&M has eliminated toxic per- and polyfluorinated chemicals from its lines (which are used to make garments waterproof). Nikes Flyknit method of weaving items, including trainers, reduces waste by 60% in comparison with cutting and sewing. Flyknit products have a large following: revenues from the line came to more than $1bn in the last fiscal year.

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The HopeThrift SuperCenter, which is operated by and benefits the nonprofitgroup Hope Services, opened for business in San Jose on Friday, April 7, 2017. (Sal Pizarro/Staff) He pointed out เสื้อคู่แนวๆ that with Goodwill and Savers just south of Hope Thrift, Almaden Expressway is becoming the Rodeo Drive of thrift stores for bargain hunters. YOUTH ADVOCATE PASSES AWAY: Many people in Santa Clara County are mourning the death of Bill Smethers, thefounder of the nonprofit group Youth Focus and the longtime manager of the Santa Clara County Fair. Smethers, who died March 31, founded Youth Focus in 1969 to provide enrichment activities for young people and reward their accomplishments. The group annually gives out thousands of dollars in scholarships and held its 41st annual Santa Clara County Salute toYouth program just three days before the death of Mr. S, as he was known by generations of Youth Focus alumni. For other Santa Clara County residents, though, Smethers may be best known for his role as manager of the Fair, which he ran during its heyday from 1976 to 1989. U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren praised Smethers on Tuesday in remarks read into the Congressional Record for his devotion to the annual tradition.

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