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In addition to her professional work, Cummings time volunteers with local nonprofit organizations. In 2016, she helped implement YLinks Nonprofit Board Preparation Program. Sharmain Harris is a father involvement specialist with the Racine/Kenosha Community Action Agency. His vocation began as Harris sought services as a client himself. Energized by the importance of the programming, Harris now helps fathers become more involved in the lives of their children, to drive successful outcomes for local youth in the areas of health, literacy, and continued education. He is currently mentoring 35 first-time fathers. He was recently recognized by the NAACP for his positive impact in the community, and is pursuing a degree from Carthage College in social work. John Hogan is director of media for local agency Dooley & Associates. Since joining the firm, Dooley & Associates has seen robust growth and has expanded client services offerings to include video production, animation, and VR experiences. Hogan is the current president of the Kenosha Literacy Council, where he and other volunteers have helped more than 600 adult learners to achieve English literacy. Additionally, Hogan has served or currently serves in leadership roles with: the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha, the Tennis Shoe Gala, Friends of the Museum; Kenosha Achievement Center; Rotary Club of Kenosha West; and the Kenosha Area Business Alliances mentorship program.

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Mrs May says the poll is needed because Westminster is divided over Brexit. The decision to hold the election on 8 June - three years earlier than scheduled - was approved on Wednesday, with 522 MPs in favour and 13 against. Which MPs are quitting - and who might stand? Mr Verhofstadt wrote: "The theory espoused by some, that Theresa May is calling a general election on Brexit in order to secure a better deal with the EU, is nonsensical. "Will the election of more Tory MPs give Theresa May a greater chance of securing a better Brexit deal? "For those sitting around the table in Brussels, this is an irrelevance." Mr Verhofstadt added that many in Brussels believed the chances of a deal were being eroded by Mrs May's "tough negotiating red lines" and a lack of "political room for manoeuvre" domestically. He said there was no guarantee "a sprinkling of additional Conservative MPs on the backbenches" would change this. "Indeed, it appears this election is being driven by the political opportunism of the party in government, rather than by the people they represent," he added. Image copyright PA Image caption Guy Verhofstadt accused ป่าสนวัดจันทร์ pantip Mrs May of being motivated by "political opportunism" Mrs May has argued that an increased Commons majority would strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations, making it more difficult for the opposition parties at home to obstruct her plans.

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